Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Cookie Hangover

I've been BEYOND busy with Christmas activities and moving.  I feel like a loon for choosing to move in December, but c'est la vie right?  :)  Anyhoo, I would like to apologize for my 10-part series on Christmas Traditions only being a 6-part series.  I was having some technical and scheduling difficulties.  Also, today marks the first anniversary of my tiny little blog, so I thought it fitting to re-post my very first post.  What's different between now and then is that I would make this delicious recipe using whole wheat flour.  Thank you so much for coming over to read my blog and thank you for extending some grace my way until some of the crazy makes it's way out of my schedule. 

Originally Posted 12/26/2011

It is the day after Christmas.  All of the presents are opened, the house is messy from entertaining, everyone stayed up too late playing with their new treasures, and I'm standing in my kitchen trying to figure out a breakfast that doesn't have sugar in it.  Normally, I'm very quick to whip up a batch of fluffy waffles or pancakes, but this morning, I can barely see straight because of all the sugar I've consumed the past four days. 
The thought of sugar right now makes my stomach turn and my head ache.  If only this were the case on most days, I'd sure be a lot thinner!  But for now, I'm listening to my body and trying to hatch up a breakfast that is wonderful and sugar-free. 

I find my jumbo muffin tin and remember a recipe I saw at The Simple Homemaker for eggs in a basket.  I also found a delicious biscuit recipe there for the "basket" and voila, breakfast was on it's way.   The biscuits were super-easy.  I put the dough in my muffin tin, cracked an egg into it, and put it in the oven. Just before they were ready, I sprinkled some cheese on top and when I took them out of the oven, I garnished them with julienned peppers (leftover from the Christmas Party veggie tray). 

This recipe produced a most delicious egg, surrounded by warm, fluffy biscuit-y goodness.  I served it up with a couple slices of bacon, and created a cure for my Christmas Cookie Hangover.  Now, I wonder if I can find some magical Christmas elves to come and clean my home to a sparkle...?

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  1. Well the picture looks good. I'd have to figure out a way to make it. Good luck!

  2. It was almost too pretty to eat :)


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