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  1. 1.10.13 I was looking at your "Preserving Kale" success. You asked for other ideas about how to use Kale.

    You do NOT blend or puree it but you add the tiny pieces to TUSCAN ZUPPA, a recipe I found online awhile ago. It is close to the Olive Garden ZUPPA TUSCAN...a wonderful Sausage, Potatoes & Kale soup. They make it much lighter at O.G,adding just a bit of heavy cream to water. The online recipe adds way too much cream!

    I'll search other sites to see how to freeze non-blended kale. I'm wondering if it is like freezing Basil...they can be immersed in water in an ice cube tray and frozen into cubes or they stay fresh in jars of water in the refrig. for so many days.

    I'm also wondering if wilted Kale in a soup (after thawing) will be as satisfying as the tiny bits of crispness after adding it to the soup towards the end of the cooking process.
    Only two cups of torn Kale leaves (no stem) are needed.

  2. P.S. Either recipe for the Tuscan Zuppa freezes very well. By the way, the Olive Garden version is superior to the recipe I own seasonings and proportions unknown. (Zuppa means "soup" in Italian) However, since we cannot get that far out to buy it and freeze it as often as I would like, making my own was a very good alternative for those in-between times!

    from Dorothy

    1. Thank you Dorothy! That's a great idea. I have some Kale in my crisper that i've been trying to do something with. Zuppa sounds magnifico! :)


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