Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This Season

I'm in a season of change.  Not only did we move last month, but we are preparing for me to be a SAHM by this fall and my schedule and family commitments have been exhausting.  I do manage to find some free time here and there, but that time is spent on things other than my tiny little blog.  It seems that some women are blessed with exceptional time management and motivation.  I am lacking in both at the moment.  I feel as if I barely have time to keep my house clean (ish) and the family fed.  And when the kids want to hang out or play, well, they have priority over most things. 

So, I'm sad to say that this blog has been neglected.  At some point I'm going to find a reliable way to store and post my photos; I'm having issues with Picassa and I can't figure out how else to post pictures on blogger.  Maybe this is why I'm always seeing posts about switching from blogger to wordpress...  With so little free time, tackling technical issues for which I have no apparent answer just doesn't sound as appealing as getting cozy on the couch with a good show or see what some of my blogging friends are writing. 

So, during this season of change, I am asking for some grace from my readers.  I know, I've been asking for/needing a lot of grace lately! I'm hoping to figure out my technical issues and to start writing again.  I'd really like to document our transition from me working full time outside the home to staying at home and homeschooling my children.  But for now, I have to pause and talk to you later.  :)

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