Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's a Journey, Not a Sprint... Right?

I feel that this post is long overdue.  I guess I've been putting it off in hopes of the potential content changing, but alas, my procrastination has not yielded the results I had hoped.  Since my last Weight Loss Journey Post, I've fallen off the Harcombe Diet Wagon, rode the No-Diet Diet Wagon, and took a detour in Too-Much-Dessertville and Pastrytown. 

I've gained back 6 of the 14 pounds lost since my last post, thanks to the detour.  However, I have started exercising more consistently (P90: P90X before the "X" and bit less intense).  I find that despite the weight gain, I'm not discouraged.  Having been successful with the Harcombe Diet, I know that if I hop back on that wagon, I'll be successful.  My strategy for holding on for dear life staying on the wagon this time: prayer, lots of prayer. 

I've come to realize what a spiritual journey this weight loss journey of mine is.  My un-healthy relationship with food is a negative spiritual stronghold in my life.  I've been reading Praying God's Word Day by Day, written by Beth Moore.  In the book, there's a chapter addressing food-related strongholds and releasing them through prayer.  I'm walking toward better identifying when I turn to food for comfort and changing the behavior to turning to God for that comfort instead of food.  I'm far from acheiving that goal, but I have faith that I'll get there. 

Another thing I've been doing for inspiration is following some blogging friends during their 12-Week Get Healthy and Fit Series.  It's really been a joy to follow them and read about their strategies, struggles and triumphs.  It is nice to know that my struggles aren't unique to me and that I'm not the weight-loss (or inability to) outcast. 

Oh! And I was able to pick up these really great shoes for my workouts.  For those who know me well, you know that I view shoes as foot-prisons, cute, but still restricting.  So working out in big, clunky athletic shoes is a huge turn-off for me.  I was working out in my crocs, but wasn't getting the support I needed.  However, I still preferred that to my cross-trainers (wierd, I know).  But I found (on sale!)  these really great super-light weight shoes with toes that feel like I'm working out barefoot, but with support.  I LOVE  them!  Now, working out is more enjoyable for me.  I also found a pair of hot pink workout capris on clearance.  I wouldn't wear them in public, but I enjoy working out at home in them because the color makes me smile (and my backside glow).  Hey, whatever it takes to encourage regular exercise!

So for accountability's sake, I'm making it public that I'm jumping back on the Harcombe Express out of Pastrytown and kicking up some dust with my new shoes.  Feeling spiritually recharged, I think I just might be able to do it right this time and acutally follow an eating plan AND exercise together.  Lord, give me the strength (or at least conviction) to not shove pastries down my pie-hole and exercise my happy-backside in my hot pink pants and goofy-looking shoes. 

Have you ever thought of weight loss from a spiritual perspective?

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  1. I believe all struggles in life should be viewed from a spiritual perspective. I also believe that we get tools to work with to help us with those struggles, and it sounds like you are using those well :)Prayer, making exercise, and diet enjoyable will take you far! I wish you the best on your journey!

    1. Thank you Lesley! I agree, the spiritual governs the physical. :)

  2. Life is to be enjoyed, including tasting piece of cake for dessert. Make a schedule of when you should eat dessert, maybe once a week or twice a week. Dieting should not mean eating food you want, but limit and diet properly.which raspberry ketones are best

    1. Thanks Tom. :)I agree that Life should be enjoyed, and good food is part of it. But it's all about moderation isn't it?


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