Friday, May 11, 2012

My Mother’s Day Gift

I have to admit, this post was going to talk about the American marketing machine and how terrible it is that they try to convince us that only flowers and jewelry are appropriate Mother’s Day gifts.  But then I realized that those are perfect gifts for some moms.  Just because they’re not my favorite gifts doesn’t mean that they aren’t the favorite gifts of others.  So what’s this post about?  My Mother’s Day Gift.

I want to spend time with my family more than I want flowers or jewelry.  And this year, I feel as though my Mother’s Day gift has already been given to me.  In just over a year, I won’t have to work anymore and I can finally be a stay-at-home mom, giving my family the most of me, instead of what’s left of me at the end of the day.  My husband and I decided that this was best for our family and put a plan in action.  So for me, knowing that my husband supports my desire to stay home with our children,  and is actively working towards this goal, makes me feel incredibly happy and as I’ve already been given my Mother’s Day Gift. 

I want every stay-at-home mom to know how much I admire them and how fortunate I view them as.  I know it is a tough, often thankless job; but what a fantastic opportunity.  Sure, you’re there for every booger and temper tantrum, but you’re there for the first steps and words.  It’s you who’s there to comfort them and to patch up the boo boos.  It’s you who is there to provide stability and constant, unconditional love to your children, all day, every day.  You have the opportunity to give your best efforts, the most of yourself to your home and your family; not just what’s left at the end of a work day.  I want to affirm each and every mom who has chosen to endure boogers, tantrums, messes, and even judgement to be present, every day in their children’s lives. 

To every working mom, single or otherwise, know that you are still amazing.  It’s quite a feat to work all day, come home to dinner, dishes, and homework, and still manage to be the best you can be.  I know that you love and cherish your children just as much as stay-at-home moms.  So I’d like to affirm each of you as well saying, “keep up the good work!” 

Way to go moms!!  Whether or not you get flowers for Mother’s Day, realize that the best Mother’s Day gift has already been given to you by God.  He knit together your precious darlings in your womb (or another’s) and forever blessed your life with them. 

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  1. How exciting!! Are you counting down the days? Happy Mother's Day to you! Here's hoping the next year will simply FLY past.


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