Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Holy Gastro-Intestinal Sickness Batman!!

For the past week, my house has been one of total discomfort and nausea.  There has truly been a war waged in my house, leaving a trail of laundry that is truly scary.  Not-So-Little-Man, Handsome Hubby, and Baby Boy were all sick with a crazy bug that created havoc on their poor digestive systems.  Needless to say, I've had to change more diapers, clean up more vomit, and try to force more pedialyte than I'd like to remember.  I think Baby Boy had it the worst out of all, poor little guy. 

I've really had to pull out my arsenal of remedies for dehydration, diarrhea, nausea, and diaper rash.  Unfortunately, my arsenal isn't that big.  For dehydration, the only thing I knew of was to get as much pedialyte in my child as possible to prevent dehydration.  For diarrhea, natural charcoal tablets (thank you to a dear friend).  For nausea, nada, just love.  For diaper rash, Triple Paste and letting the poor kid "air out".

It's times like this, when I'm tasked with caring for my loved ones, that I wish I knew more about home remedies.  I wish I had been more prepared with a medicine cabinet of homeopathic remedies that I know for sure work like a charm.  But, unfortunately, I was hit with a storm of vomit and quarantine-able laundry without this preparation.  So, from the pharmacy came my old stand-bys: Pedialyte and Triple Paste, full of lots of chemicals I'm sure; but in the thick of it, I just wanted to give my family some comfort. 

So, to prepare for the next wave of gastro-intestinal assault, or in preparation for when I inevitably contract this, I want to do some research on proven remedies for this kind of thing.  Next time, I want to be ready for this.  This is not an adventure I'm anxious to repeat!

Do any of you have natural/homeopathic remedies for kids/babies/adults in times of gastro-intestinal war?


  1. So..not sure if these work well with a flu bug, but I know help with the digestive system.. yogurt (probiotics), apple cider vinegar (sounds strange but good for the tummy) Kombucha this one. I drink it 2-4 times per month and I think it helps keep me healthy. I buy mine at Sprouts. If I think of anything else I will let you know

    1. I've started brewing my own kombucha, that's funny you mention that! :) I certainly didn't think of apple cider vinegar. How much? and do you take it straight or in water? Thanks for the tips!

    2. Yogurt (probiotics) is really good for digestive issues to get the good bacteria back in place. When my baby (okay grand-baby) had the stomach flu, its what the ER told us to give him. They had also given him probiotics powder packets to put in his drink to help speed it up, but he took a long time to drink it. Good thing he loves yogurt. He was so bad he would hand you the diaper and lie down. If I even acted like I was reaching for the baby wipes, he would cry. A little disgusting but a warm washcloth made him feel better. When my kids were little, I used to give them chamomile tea for when they had tummy aches. I used to drink it as well but can't seem to find the herbs/flowers anymore to make the tea. The tea bags don't work. My ex-husband's grandmother used to swear by dandelion tea.

    3. Our doctor said the same thing about the probiotics! :)


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