Sunday, February 12, 2012

One of those "Perfect Days"

Saturday was one of those perfect days that leave you feeling revived and at total peace.  Here is a glimpse of what made this day so wonderful:

We went as a family to the farmer's market.  I love the great produce there and I love to support local farms and entrepreneurs.  I love that my handsome hubby is willing to go with me.  I love that I can share the same experiences I had growing up in farmer's markets with my family.

It was a beautiful, sunny day, slight breeze and temperatures in the 70's.  Gosh, I love Arizona for it's weather. 

After the farmer's market, we walked down to one of the parks in our neighborhood.  This is one of the reasons we moved to the neighborhood we did.  It is planned beautifully and has tree-lined streets and lots of open, green spaces. 

Baby Boy prefers eating the baseball bat rather than hit a ball with it.  However, he does like chasing the cat with it.  As he enjoys his afternoon "snack", dad enjoys the day laying on a blanket in the grass. 

I took the opportunity to play with some of the settings on the new camera and capture some great moments.  Baby Boy loves to swing while, Not So Little Man is the eternal goof ball and trying to make me laugh by pretending to blow a clover like a dandelion.  Mission succeeded. 

Not So Little Man is such a great big brother and spent much of the time at the park blowing bubbles for Baby Boy to play with. 

The sun continued to warm us on this amazing day.  Its days like this that I think back to when it's 110 degrees in the summer here.  I remember days like this, and the 9 months of glorious weather and this gets me through the 3 months of fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk heat.

After the park, we went home and enjoyed a great dinner.  After dinner we played Shrek Super Party (a family tradition since 2003) and went to bed peaceful.  It's days like this that really help me to appreciate the "small things" and focus on the things that mean the most to me. 

What about you, what do your "perfect days" look like?


  1. What an awesome weekend! I had a fabulous time Saturday as well. We had a Valentines party at the park today and the weather is spectacular for it. I'm with you on making the most of these days while we can!

    1. Amen, I'm afraid of summer coming too soon. It would be nice if it didn't get hot until late June or so like it did a couple years ago. :)

  2. Where I'm at right now in my life, my perfect day would be as follows:

    It would be a Saturday. I would sleep in, but not too late, just enough to have time to wake up, shower, check my email/social networks, and get to the dining hall as it opens. Then, I would have a fresh, healthy breakfast and eat it outside in the Arizona sunshine.

    There, I would sit for an hour or so and socialize with friends as they gradually emerge from their rooms to feed themselves. After conversation dies out, I would return to my room to relax for a while, get homework done, catch up on TV shows, do laundry, etc. In the afternoon, I would leave to go climbing for a few hours until it closed. I'd then walk back with whoever I went climbing with that day, grumble about how dumb it is that the dining hall closes at 7pm on weekends, and get a salad via meal exchange at the POD Market. After that, I would eat and look for other people around the floor to discuss plans for the rest of the night.

    And then I would actually do something or go somewhere that does not require money, rather than sit in my dorm and stare at my ceiling.

    1. Sounds groovy! Enjoy this time to the fullest! :)


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