Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lunchboxes Filled with Love: Thursday

I've got a sick baby at the house, so today's lunch had to be prepared with one hand.  Why?  Because Baby Boy gets extra clingy when he's sick and refused to let me put him down. 

I'd like to say that in order to protect the rest of us, namely my 11 year-old, from this sickness, I've strategically assembled a lunch full of food with properties to fight this virus.  Unfortunately, I don't have that knowledge.  I'm very new to healing with food, so nope, no strategery here other than my usual lunchbox goals and the added requirement that it be made with one hand. 

It was quick, I just threw together some baby spinach with leftover chicken, the last of my sunshine carrots, the last of my fresh mozzarella, a few apple chunks an a couple pepperocinis (can't spell and don't want to get up from the table to check the jar...) and VOILA! Salad.  Knowing that my not-so-little man would need a little more to keep him going through the day, I stuffed a few Triscuit crackers in there along with some natural fruit leather.  For "dessert" some apple slices and peanut butter with a few bittersweet baking chips thrown in.  I always like to include a little surprise for him. 

It is healthy, just look at all those fruits and veggies.  The chicken and cheese adds some great protein and calcium.  I could add some more calcium with my homemade yogurt ranch dressing, but little man doesn't like his salads dressed.  For fun, I added the chocolate.  :) 

So there you have it, lunch made on a Thursday night with a sick baby.  Sometimes I wish I could be "sick" like he is.  When I'm sick, I'm generally out for the count and miserable.  Forget about concentrating on anything or accomplishing anything at more than a snails pace.  But Baby Boy, just look what I found him doing this afternoon...

Somehow he climbed onto the dishwasher door and decided to help me unload the dishwasher.  What a sweet little guy.  Oh, and he's "airing out" his little bottom.  Poor guy always seems to get a diaper rash when he's fighting a virus.

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