Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Grocery Store Discovery:Healthy Snack

I wasn't looking for them, they just caught my eye.  And I again fall victim to the American Marketing Machine.  I was in the natural foods section of a local grocery store and decided to peruse the chips.  Not seeing anything that I wanted, I started to turn around.  At that moment, I saw a shiny glimmer in the corner of my eye.

Could it be? something healthy in the chip isle?  Yes! Crispy, delicious toasted seaweed.  Very similar to Japanese nori.  I grabbed two flavors: Sesame and Wasabi.  The sesame was very mild and sweet.  The wasabi had a lot of heat and was also delicious.  I was very surprised to find these and even more surprised at how fast they disappeared.  My family ate them, both bags in exactly 2 hours and 24 minutes.  They were obviously a hit.  They were so light and crisp and melted in your mouth.  They were a perfect blend of salt and flavor.  If you like seaweed, you should definitely try these, and if you don't know whether or not you like it, try these.  After their success, I didn't feel so bad about my impulse purchase and was glad to have found a healthy snack to satisfy my crispy, salty craving when it strikes. 

So this got me thinking...  the cost of them seemed a little high for the quantity that we would seemingly go through if I kept my pantry stocked with them.  So, what if I made my own?  In the Phoenix area, we have a multitude of Asian markets which I'm sure carry nori or something similar.  Perhaps they would even have the flavored sheets such as the ones I found in the local grocery...  This definitely calls for a field trip to the closest Asian market soon. 

Have you ever found an interesting item in the store and brought it home to try?  Or do you just stick to the safety of what you know?

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