Sunday, August 12, 2012

Book Review: Beyond Bathtime

If there were ever a book that I want to go out and purchase a million copies of and pass out to every mother I know or run into, THIS IS THAT BOOK!!  Author Erin Davis is a mom juggling all the things that us moms juggle and struggles with all the things we struggle with as moms.  This book shows us a whole new perspective on the seemingly insignificant and endless tasks we have as mothers.  It reinvigorated me and gave me a whole new passion and mission in my role as a mom. 

Erin scoured scripture searching for God's heart and vision for mothers.  And what she found is so uplifting and empowering.  She describes it as, "not a self-help guide to show you how to be a perfect mom, raising perfect kids. Instead, it’s a lens to help give you a panoramic view God’s design for you as a mom and recognize that ultimately you are doing Kingdom work."  And boy does she deliver.  I seriously couldn't put this book down and when I was finished, I felt as if I had just enlisted in God's army of moms, determined and empowered to embrace every aspect of motherhood and pay it the respect and reverence it deserves. 

This book couldn't have come into my life at a better time.  I am currently working full time outside the home but working towards being able to be a stay at home mom within the next 12 months or so.  I am excited to finally give the things that mean the most to me (faith, family, home) the best of me instead of what's left at the end of the workday.  However, I still hold a fear that I will be un-fulfilled.  That I am working toward a life of diapers, peanut butter, and boogers and NO adult conversation.  I feared that I wouldn't find as much happiness, meaning and purpose than I would in my career.  I feared that my Master's Degree would be just a waste, that I worked so hard to "throw it all away" by not using it while raising my children. 

Erin reveals the lie that has been fed to women: that you can't be happy staying at home with your children, you need a career to be happy.  That somehow, staying home to raise your children is not actual "work" and of little value to society.  Funny, you can have a job outside the home watching others' children and it's a career, but you want to stay home to raise your own and you're somehow skirting a responsibility to work and succeed in a career outside the home.  But doesn't the very foundation of who we are, and thus what shapes our society, begin at home?  That makes parenting hugely important!

Now let me say here that Erin, in no way, makes one feel guilty for working outside the home.  She even admits that there is no one-size-fits-all formula.  The primary focus of the book is to show mothers how important their role is and that even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches can be an act of worship; that shuttling a bunch of little booger-covered, smelly kids (my words, not Erins) is a ministry.  This book gave purpose to each and every task, big and tiny, as a mom.  For that, I will always be grateful to Erin and this book for showing me God's vision; and what a vision it is!

I would recommend this book for any mom, in any stage of life.  New moms, moms-to-be, veteran moms, grand-moms, happy moms, sad moms, moms, moms, moms!  Heck, I even recommend this book for women who aren't even sure if they want to be moms. 

Check out this video by Erin:

If you want to learn more about this book, go HERE.

You can purchase this book HERE.

Note: I do not receive any compensation for purchases of this book.  I just wanted to promote it because I found it to be truly awesome.  I was fortunate to win this book in a giveaway over at Intentional By Grace and boy, was I ever so blessed by it. 

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